We Know Homes…

What story is your house telling potential buyers?

Every item you have in your home says something about you.  There is a reason for each item. A memory or emotional connection keeps items in your home. Ready to sell?  Part of the readiness means that you need to invite an new experience in for your home.  To do that means removing some of those connections you’ve developed while staying there.  Let Feels Like Home CO help you with your transition from homeowner to home SELLER.

Once upon a time…

Now that you’ve found your new dream home,   Feels Like Home CO can help you create that fairytale dream home. Let us a create a new chapter to your story using your furniture & décor in a new way that showcases the your new home.  We can also help you shop for new items that help bridge the new & loved items into a perfectly beautifully styled home.

One last offering

Stephanie is certified as an interior designer. That means if you love the location of your home but hate the interior layout, Feels Like Home CO can also help with interior/exterior renovations.

Feel Overwhelmed by clutter

The expert organizer – Feels Like Home CO can give advice or dig in help and get rid of unnecessary items and provide great organizational ideas and tools. Making a more homey home by giving you back your space.

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